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Sizing and Type Descriptions

1" diameter: solid and vented for front and hind of ponies, thoroughbred and quarter horse types below 800lbs

2"x10" vented sleeve is recommended for face/head use

2" diameter: solid & vented front and hind of warmbloods & draft horse types (1000lbs or greater); hind for some quarter horse and thoroughbred types; smaller warm bloods might need the 1" diameter on front 

2" diameter: solid and vented for hock area of most horses *we find it helpful to cut a small half-moon shaped, dime size opening on the fold of the solid sleeve prior to placing on the leg and use the hole at the calcaneus as an anchoring point. See photo examples below.










*IF YOU FIND YOUR SLEEVE IS NOT STAYING IN PLACE add a small piece of elastic tape at the top or use the EquineSleeve 1"x4" extend/anchor piece (ES104EAS). Stacking always helps!

Solid EquineSleeve: swelling reduction, even compression, scratches, cellulitis, joint inflammation, wound covering and more. We recommend a 12 hour on,12 hour off schedule. Always consult your DVM prior to use.

Vented EquineSleeve: wound dressing holder, light compression, will hold an ice pack in place, joint support and more. Can be worn for longer periods of time.  Always consult your DVM prior to use.

We can't guarantee your horse will not bite holes in the product. Fingernails, jewelry and horseshoes can puncture EquineSleeve so please use caution when applying. 

half moon cut for hock anchor_edited.jpg
Hock white double sleeve_edited_edited.jpg
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