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Shop for EquineSleeve products below Sizing Description

Solid Sleeve: recommend a 12-hour wear time 

Vented Sleeve: recommend a 24-hour wear time

Wash sleeves once a day to remove any debris between applications.

Disclaimer: Sleeves will not stay up on a stifle. The highest it will stay is top of sleeve about 6" above knee or hock. 

2" x 10" SizesFits all HIND legs, HOCKS, FACES, and most front legs of animals 1000+ lbs. 
(IMPORTANT: fits MINIMUM leg circumference of 8")

1" x 8" Sizes - Fits FRONT legs of smaller cannon boned animals. Ex: Quarter Horse, Walkers, Arabians. etc
(IMPORTANT: fits MAXIMUM leg circumference of 9")

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Website Sizing Description Photo.jpg

Cutting hole for HOCK

Proper Stacking

Using Elastikon tape at the top

Using Anchor Piece

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