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Roll the sleeves into a doughnut shape (like rolling up a stocking), pick up the leg and stretch over the hoof, roll the sleeve up the leg, and unroll them to cover the area.

SOLID: 12 hrs on 12 hrs off wear cycle

VENTED: up to 24 hrs wear cycle

  1. To ensure the sleeves don’t slip, we recommend putting one strip of Elastikon around the top of the sleeve(half on sleeve/half on leg). See website pics for reference. We also sell a 1x4 anchor pair on our website to use instead of tape.

  2. When applying, DON’T stretch length wise because the sleeves will want to come back to its original length. To cover a larger area on the limb, we recommend stacking the sleeve as seen on our website.

    Example: 2”x10” is made to cover only 10 inches of the limb.

  3. Wash once a day. 30 second hand wash with antibacterial soap and then pat dry. Should take less than a minute.

  4. If you ever think they have stretched out or lost compression, put them in the dryer for 10 mins on med heat to shrink them back.

  5. FOR THE HOCK: When using the solid sleeve on the hock, we recommend cutting a dime sized half circle on the fold (when the sleeve is laying flat). That is how we make the hole for the calcaneus point on the hoc. See website pics for reference.

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