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EquineSleeve 2x5 Vented PAIR (White only)

EquineSleeve 2x5 Vented PAIR (White only)

SKU: ES25V (retail)

Vented white sleeve pair, each measuring 2" in diameter by 5" in length. This size is meant to cover a small area of the limb like the pastern and fetlock. We recomment the 2" diameter for warmbloods and larger horses. The 2" diameter is best for the hock of most horses. Stacking products is recommended for covering larger areas of the limb.

  • Warranty Information

    Warranty: EquineSleeve covers only manufacture's defects. Once our products have been taken out of the package and worn on any animal, the warranty is void.

    If manufacture's defects are detected (before ever being applied to animal), we will send a replacement at no charge or refund customers money (excluding shipping).


    Standard shipping rates apply. We can expedite shipping for an upcharge.

Color: white
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