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Get to Know Us:

A couple of medical device sales representatives with entrepreneurial drive got their hands on a compression sleeve product which was originally designed for human use. Though it is a very effective product for many human applications, issues related to insurance reimbursement prevented it from launching. The team knew they had a great product with a lot of potential and one day a lightbulb went off! The product was presented to an accomplished veterinarian who specializes in horse lameness and also to a very experienced horse trainer. Through their evaluation EquineSleeve was recognized as a product that could change the way horse limbs have been treated for decades. The original product was developed over six years ago and many useful applications and benefits were discovered through various human trials. These benefits also contribute to animal care.  The EquineSleeve team worked together for a year trialing the product and fine tuning the needs for the limbs of horses. New designs featuring different sizes and shapes were developed with the help of an experienced plastics engineer rendering a product with an array of uses and applications for horses.  EquineSleeve is a winner; we are excited to share the product with you and will eagerly await your feedback.  We are most proud that all EquineSleeve components are sourced and made in the USA. We believe EquineSleeve will become a Gold Standard in limb bandaging care for horses.

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