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EquineSleeve is a 


for bandaging!









  • Hold bandages

  • Reduce swelling

  • Support tendons

  • Sweat down legs

  • Wear for turnout

  • Wound care

  • Promote blood flow

  • Prevent rubs under boots

2 x 10 Vented


About Our Product:

EquineSleeve is a flexible, nonwoven tubular compression sleeve for animals. It is made from a proprietary thermoplastic elastomer compound. EquineSleeve is latex free, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and non-medicated.

EquineSleeve conforms to the limb and is easy to apply.  An eight-year-old rider applied EquineSleeve with no assistance from the trainer. The ease of use nearly eliminates the risk of bandage bow and vastly reduces the need for additional bandaging materials. EquineSleeve is reusable which delivers great economic value. Many customers are able to get dozens of uses out of one pair. The hypoallergenic feature allows the care giver to apply the sleeve directly to the skin with little concern of irritation to the area. Thermography studies demonstrate no restriction of blood flow to the hoof after 12 hours of use. The flexible nature of the sleeve allows for joint mobility thus allowing the animal to move about with ease while wearing EquineSleeve.  One might find that where traditional treatments are unsuccessful, EquineSleeve works amazingly well!



We recommend the 2" diameter sleeves for warmblood and draft types.  The 2" diameter is the most common size needed for hocks. We recommend the 1" diameter sleeves for ponies, thoroughbred and quarter horse types. *See SHOP for more sizing descriptions.

Common Uses and Applications:

Solid EquineSleeve

- provides 360° even compression

- rapidly reduces swelling

- injury recovery and pain

- provides a protective barrier

- relieves injection site swelling & discomfort

- helps prevent insect irritations

- helps prevent and heal scratches

- joint support while allowing mobility

Vented EquineSleeve

- provides 360° even compression

-surgical dressing/place holder

-reduces the need for tape

-increases blood flow to aid in healing

-supports tendons

-reduces swelling while allowing area to breathe

Always consult your DVM or professional animal caregiver prior to use and for instructions for use. If the unlikely appearance of redness or irritation occurs, please discontinue use on the animal.


Allows for joint mobility; horse can work while wearing EquineSleeve.

Eliminates the need for tapes; EquineSleeve holds gauze and dressings in place. Most customers get dozens of uses out of one pair.